” The need to create alternative forms of expression out of the very technologies that impact our lives. ”

Transient Modes of Destruction is a collection of artworks depicting moments of natural disasters and the unpredictable forces of today’s digital systems and technology. The collection of artworks are hand-made with various formats of video technology and real time compositing. Each of the artworks embrace an anti technology look and feel which generate new ideas of shape and form quite different from our expectations of digital technology.

Multiple channels of video and animation sources are over layered in an improvisational fashion, creating an unstoppable generative image sequence. These final artworks represent one moment in time, one frame, where by there is perfection and harmony amongst the constant visual stream.

Transient Modes of Destruction inherently rejects the perfection which technology enforces upon us, society and its production. Indeed the speed at which society can replace technologies for new ones, nature can destroy in that one moment of perfection too.

All of these artworks were created in a live performance installation environment.

© Helen Clemens. All Rights Reserved.

DIRECTOR Helen Clemens
TECHNOLOGY  Multi-Channel Video Installation / NatoMax MSP / X Pose / Videotape / Fairlight Computer Video Instrument / Panasonic MX10 + MX12 /