Transient Modes Of Destruction


Transient Modes of Destruction is a collection of artworks depicting moments of natural disasters and the unpredictable forces of digital broadcast content. The collection of artworks are hand-made with technology yet have an anti technology look and feel.

The artworks are soft, painterly and lo-fi. The technology used to generate these colours and effects are 8-bit. A 1984 Fairlight Computer Video Instrument is one of the main colouring and effects units used.

The colours are bright, hyper and acidic. Distinct shapes and forms have been confused with each other generating new ideas with each appreciation of the artworks. Generated by a multilayering video technique where by different channels of analogue and digital video are over layered, on the fly, unpredictably creating abstract compositions and an unstoppable generative animation sequence.

DIRECTOR Helen Clemens
TECHNOLOGY Fairlight Computer Video Instrument / Panasonic MX10 + MX12 / NatoMax MSP / X Pose